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Chocolate Tastings & Pairings

We have good and bad news fo you!

The unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel our plans for a Chocoa Festival in 2021.

The good news is that we will bring Chocolate Tastings online—register to participate in the online tasting. You will receive a sample package of chocolate at home, which we will taste together during the online event. Experience delicious chocolate combined with wine, beer, and other drinks, or take the journey through the fine-flavors together with the chocolate maker.

The first tasting we organize together with Le Vineur, a well-known exhibitor at the festival. On December 11 and 12, there will be three beautiful combinations of wine and chocolate on the tasting table, including our exclusive Madagascar chocolate. We have made this chocolate bar from beans we bought at our cocoa auction, which is unique as it’s not available in stores. Register and find more information about the tasting below.

For logistical reasons, this tasting is only accessible to chocolate fans in Europe: we must be able to send you the package on time. For the same reason, we cannot include more than 30 participants at a time. So don’t be late

Good cocoa, better chocolate: @home

It has been 8 weeks since Chocoa took place in Amsterdam – and what a success it was! The world looks so different now.Today we would like to shed an extra light on the craft chocolate makers who travelled to Chocoa. Their situation has now changed dramatically because of the corona crisis. A research conducted by the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute (FCCI) shows that 80% of the small craft businesses are financially struggling, with many of them having to close their doors for good. But if you love chocolate there is something you can do!

Supporting the chocolate makers, we have made a list of online shops where you can still find their chocolate bars in the Netherlands.


CaramelZ crafts caramel from natural ingredients and in a variety of flavors such as salted butter, chocolate, lavender, chili and more.
At the moment CaramelZ offers a 50% discount on the transport costs and adds a free bar for every €5 you buy! Buy online at


Right Origins

Right Origins is a non-profit chocolate brand that gives back 80% of its profits to the cocoa farmers, helping them to get between 25% and 40% of value of the chain (Conventionally in fair trade or slave free bars get less than 8%). Right origins offers two delicious flavours: One 65% dark chocolate bar with pomegranate and a milk-chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt. Buy online at


BonoBono Bonbons

BonoBono Bonbons is a small chocolate atelier in Nijmegen. Since 2019, BonoBono sells their chocolates and bonbons also online. All bonbons are 100% organic and Skal-certified. BonoBono’s chocolates range from extraordinay flavors such as red port, sun flower or tomatoe with chili to more popular flavors like coffee, caramel and ginger. Use code Ik-wil-ook-BBB to get 10% off your order. Order online at

Calling out to all chocolate lovers: Why you should buy a lot of good chocolate!

As a consumer you have a lot of influence by the choice you make. Especially now. Please, dear chocolate lovers, treat yourself to a good craft chocolate. I promise, a world of taste will open up to you. Read more…


We have a special survival box with three Awajún bars in a nice box with a card and an extra mini-bar + mini-card for the neighbours for only 9,99 euro! All Awajún bars are organic and fair trade and come in three flavors: 30% milk chocolate with coffee, 52% dark chocolate, and 80% pure chocolate. Get your survival box for yourself or your loved ones. Buy now at


BOHO Chocolate

Boho is a New England-based artisan chocolate maker dedicated to creating exquisite tasting chocolate in small batches from scratch. As bean-to-bar chocolate makers they control every step of the production process from sorting cacao beans, roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching, tempering, to tasting. Boho chocolate bars are available in 70% dark, 70% single origin, 62% dark, milk, and specialty flavors. Buy Boho chocolates at



Mesjokke is an Utrecht-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker and buys their beans directly from the farmers to ensure quality and fair payment. Besides delicious craft-chocolate Mesjokke also offers other cacao and chocolate products such as cacao cheese, date/chocolate paste, and chocolate noga. Buy now at

Stay Home
With Chocolate

The #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival is an emergent, temporary, and collaborative platform to keep interest and boost alternative ways to celebrate global chocolate companies and the consumers that love their products. Relive the Festival here…


The Vietnam Cacao Brothers is a craft chocolate company in Vietnam. They have a station to ferment and dry cocoa beans in Dak Lak highland and a production factory in Danang City, Vietnam. Order Vietnamese chocolates at


Red Ape Dark Chocolate

There is a lot of passion behind this bar and a strong determination to work with the most ethical ingredients. This chocolate is made with cacao planted on the outskirts of the Virunga park in Congo. The sugar comes from the other side of the world, the Arenga forest in Indonesia. Both ingredients, cacao and sugar, meet in this well balanced chocolate bar. Good for you, good for the apes! Order at


Definite Chocolate

We are a micro batch bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker, located in the center of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. With our plain dark chocolate bars we want to bring out the unique flavor notes of the different regions.  Our flavored bars are created with additional natural and locally sourced dominican ingredients in order to bring you a special caribbean experience. Order now at


Kontiti are peruvian craft chocolates with own shapes and unique designs worked with small batch of native cocoa of fine aroma, free of lecithin and vanilla. Order now via


Harvest of Ecuador

Harvest of Ecuador – Hacienda San José – are cacao farmers and chocolate producers from Ecuador based in Sweden and bringing the best of our cacao beans and chocolates to the European market. Tasting kits for a family, you receive different chocolates and a table to use for paring results. We offer 25% discount in the online sales via their webshop.


Auro Chocolate

Have a taste of internationally-award winning Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate rooted in sustainability and crafted using only the best ingredients to create quality Filipino products. You can order Auro Chocolate online through and

Firetree Chocolate Limited

Taste the exquisite chocolate made from cocoa trees (firetrees) from remote islands of the southern Pacific and Oceania. The firetree thrives on the rich, porous volcanic soil that is found on these islands. It’s here and a few other places in the world like the volcanic island of Madagascar, where they source their cocoa from. Order online via


Chocolates el Rey

Chocolates el Rey is a cacao-based agribusiness dedicated to fully satisfying their customers’ needs through their commitment to do their job better each and every day. El Rey offers consumers gourmet chocolate made from fairly traded cacao beans direct from small and large-scale growers in Venezuela. They now a special discount for their delicious White Chocolate Icoa 34%. Try and taste, via



ZOTO is a Belgian family company specialized in cacao-related consultancy projects. ZOTO wants to preserve as many as possible unique and local cocoa varieties all over the world. By improving the quality of those special cocoas, with respect for tradition, culture and the environment, ZOTO makes cocoa farming profitable again.
Order their special chocolate flavours now with 15% discount (on any order above €25) via


Rokbar is made and owned by women! Because women produce 50% of the world’s cocoa beans, but they only get 10% of the economic gain. Moreover, it is CO2-nuteral! By buying Rokbar for your relations you make a conscious choice for quality, equality and sustainability. To order this unique chocolate, visit to


Pure Kakaw

Cacao has been used as a healthy and sacred drink for thousands of years. Have you tried the cacao drinks from @PureKakaw? They are inspired by traditional use, health and the positive effects for focus and creativity. Try them via


Nexo Chocolate

Nexo is the chocolate shop that surprised many people with their weird Peruvian-Italian accent and their tasteful cacao spreads. During these difficult times, they want to help families to continue to enjoy your magnificent slices of bread with their Nexotella. So use the #istayhome promo code in their website to get free delivery on


Urban Africa Naturals

Urban Africa Naturals is a company with passionated Shea Butter lovers. They cooperate with Ghanaian women in the Shea Butter Community, farmers and local entrepeneurs, to make the best natural personal care products. Try their cocoa boddy butter and more on



CocoaTown designs, manufactures and markets patented, customized and versatile Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate machines. They have a simple design, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and durable since 2007. CocoaTown helps cocoa farmers/chocopreneurs to move up the economic ladder through education, equipment and subsidized exhibits at festivals around the world. You can order them online at


Artist Chocolate

ARTIST CHOCOLATE, brings you all vegan, lactose and gluten-free chocolate this year ! Indulge in a delicious, ethical and guiltless piece of chocolate from dedicated plantations all around the world. From Madagascar to India , Trinidad & Tobago and Ecuador , we’re sure we have you covered. Find their limited editions and more on


l’Esprit de Paris

l’Esprit de Paris makes exclusive handmade chocolate and pastry products. They only work with organic ingredients, pure and honest. If you want a personalized gift for your grandmother, neighbor, co-workers or staff, they are there for you; they would love to make it! Check out our Stay Sweet collection at  



At Chocoladeverkopers, Paul and Emma sell special and good chocolate. Craft Chocolate, from small cocoa farmers. They make their own bean-to-bar chocolate as well. They contribute to a fair cocoa, through a direct and transparent chain.  You will taste the diversity of good chocolate. Find their enormous amount of chocolate at



Clearchox wants to serve you with the best chocolate. In every aspect, both in quality and in origin. The best cocoa, grown by famers that get paid well. No vague sources, no secrets. That’s why they are called ClearChox and that’s why Clear Chain is their motto: chocolate made in a transparent chain. As few intermediate companies in between as possible, from the farmer to you. That tastes better. Try it yourself, via